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With over 60 unique designer rentals stretching from Puerto Rico to North Carolina, Dreamers Welcome is more than a hospitality group. More than a cleanswept collaboration of artists, local hospitality experts, and luxurious amenities. We are sunshine for the senses. Minimal. Tropical. A way of living that reminds you how to travel. A way of travel that reminds you how to live.


Cultivators of comfort, belonging, and inspired design, DREAMERS WELCOME is an LGBTQIA-owned hospitality group inviting guests of any nationality, race, gender, or background to indulge in restful and meaningful getaways. We take pride also in our progressive amenities: dog-friendly stays, vegan cuisine, paperless properties, bespoke toiletries, unexpected details that will help you unplug and unwind. Our laidback but luxurious spaces are curated with your peace in mind, offering discrete and impeccable service that caters to a variety of needs and interests without stepping on anybody’s toes.

From full-service boutique hotels to remote rainforest villas, each of our properties caters to a diversity of travel styles: from yoga retreats and romantic holidays to solo sabbaticals meant for sleeping in late and sipping wine on the porch with your dog. Leave your worries at the gate. Take up space. Bask in the sun-drenched air from your private patio and make yourself at home in our home – where dreamers are welcome and their dreams for a perfect trip are welcome too.


Dreamers Welcome was founded by a real estate entrepreneur and a self-taught artist who began their journeys in Germany and Puerto Rico. After crossing paths in the City that Never Sleeps they realized their shared passion for curating unique designer rentals in beautiful locales where you can, in fact, sleep--and sleep well--ready to take on a rejuvenating day of sun, sand, and joie-de-vivre in the morning.


Stephan Watts' first short-term rentals in New York City were some of the very first listings for Airbnb. Born and raised in Germany, Watts graduated with dual degrees in hospitality management and applied media services. After moving to New York, Watts acquired a real estate license and began his own apartment-staging company, quickly gaining over two decades of hospitality experience. His love for designing and sharing living spaces has blossomed into a stunning suite of over 60 rental units from North Carolina to Puerto Rico. In San Juan, Watts' vegetarian boutique hotel, DREAMCATCHER, has received many awards and gained attention from New York Magazine, Forbes, National Geographic, Condé Nast Traveler, Vice Magazine, and The New York Times. Always on the move, Watts is forever on the cusp of re-envisioning the next unsuspecting space into something uncommon and extraordinary.


Roy Delgado studied film and psychology at the University of Miami, then returned to his native Puerto Rico to work in film as a buyer and prop stylist. Since then he has worked as a set designer for Vogue Italia in New York City, conceptualized and designed restaurants for Cocina Abierta and Asere Cubano Kitchen in San Juan, and even collaborated with Buscabulla, shooting, directing, and editing their first music video. Delgado is also the self-taught artist behind TROPICAL DEPRESSION, a collection of carefully designed art pieces mixing Caribbean nostalgia with modern sensibility. In addition to art, design, and music video production, Roy breathes life and movement into every Dreamers Welcome space--flooding the floors, walls, kitchens, and hallways with striking artwork, warm textures, and delicate detail.









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